Here Comes the Miracle

Debut novel coming February 18th, 2021! (UK)

It begins with a miracle: a baby born too small and too early, but defiantly alive. This is Joe. 

Decades before, another miracle. In a patch of nettle-infested wilderness, a seventeen year old boy falls in love with his best friend, Jack. This is Edward.

Joe gains a sister, Emily. From the outset, her life is framed by his. She watches him grow into a young man who plays the violin magnificently and longs for a boyfriend. A young man who is ready to begin. 

Edward, after being separated from Jack, builds a life with Eleanor. They start a family and he finds himself a grandfather to Joe and Emily. 

When Joe is diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, Emily and the rest of the family are left waiting for a miracle. A miracle that won't come.

Here Comes the Miracle is a story about love and loss; and about the beautiful and violent randomness of life.

Available to pre-order now from Waterstones and Amazon UK. 





Here's a video of me, and my peers in UVA's MFA in Creative Writing reading our work in May 2019. I appear at minute 46 after a lovely introduction from Miriam Grossman, to read an abridged version of my short story, Factory, which won The Henfield Prize for Fiction. 

In development

I'm currently working on two major projects. One is a love story about intoxication, set in South London. The other is series of essays about landscape, loss and finding oneself in the International House of Pancakes at 3am.

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I have a poem in the current issue of The Letters Page, the 'journal of correspondence' edited by Jon McGregor. It is out now, available to order here, and features lovely illustrations of all the writers by Natasha Nayee. That's her image of me on the left. 

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I also blog from time to time for Huffpost UK.